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Comic 92 - The Dungeon Master Bailout Begins

20th Dec 2014, 10:23 PM in Chapter 2
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The Dungeon Master Bailout Begins
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Author Notes:

20th Dec 2014, 10:23 PM
So it looked like the party wasn't getting anywhere at all. So I played a classic Dungeon Master card, A Second Adventuring Party! (TM)

These guys are on the same quest as the party and we will see just how these guys help or hinder our characters.


20th Dec 2014, 11:55 PM
Wouldn't these guys technically be the 3rd party? There was the party already stuck in the dungeon, then our heroes, now these guys.
21st Dec 2014, 1:10 AM
Yes, I think you are correct. There's going to be a big fight and then we'll finally get an update on what is going on with the other guys.
21st Dec 2014, 11:37 AM
Man, looks like you rolled an entire mercenary company instead of just another party.
21st Dec 2014, 4:22 PM
It was random, as always, but I rolled up 6 characters.
2nd Jan 2015, 3:17 PM
Songgu Kwon
Ah, the competition!
2nd Jan 2015, 6:19 PM
Indeed it's always the best way to show a group of pathetic adventurers how to get things done.